Must be 18 or over to view this Youtube Video

First sign in, make sure you are 18 or over, if not, get mommy or daddy to sign in for you, but remember, mommy and daddy may not want you to view a guy dancing into traffic, getting hit by an ice cream truck. But if your parents are sick enough they will sign in for you.
Once you are signed in, then enjoy the video. But for your information, this could have been recreated in some very special computer programs that deal with effects. So lets not feel to sorry for the guy, plus he did ask for it. But he did manage to accumulate 4,514,405 views. So he is famous now for being the guy who danced into traffic. We heard of walking into traffic accidentally but never dancing into traffic purposely. Someone had to do it.

Oak Street Blues


About oakstreetblues

Founded by Chris Hall, a veteran of several bands spanning genres as diverse as Gangsta Rap to Electronica to Rockabilly and back again, the sound of Oak Street Blues is the true definition of what makes a man crazy about women, heartbreak, and '55 Buicks. Once he was satisfied with the direction of the music, he enlisted two of his friends to join the ranks; Jon Meier on Bass, and James Vela on keyboards. To complete the band, an ad calling for a drummer was answered by Alejandra Arellano. The sound is energetic, lively, and unpredictable. Live shows have proven that any audience can immediately become immersed with the sounds of an alternative cover of "I Think We're Alone Now", as well as a syrupy sweet, country-tinged "Sugartown" (complete with a Kazoo-along), mixed with all original songs about pumpkins, and longing for a night lost in an unrequited love's eyes. Oak Street Blues is currently recording new material and playing live shows all over Los Angeles as the "For Lovers Only" tour continues into the summer of 2010.
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